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Exercise Guide for Senior Dogs


  As a dog lover, there’s nothing quite like the joy of seeing a senior dog still living life to the fullest. However, as dogs age, their exercise needs change, and it can be challenging to know how to keep them active and healthy without risking injury or exhaustion. That’s why it’s so important to […]

Understanding Canine Behavior: Insights and Solutions


  Genetics and environment influence a dog’s behavior. Both of these factors will impact how a dog reacts to a situation. It is impossible to predict a dog’s behavior only by his breed, but it is possible to anticipate his temperament. Understanding the differences between learned and innate behaviors makes it easier to understand why […]

6 Commands Your Dog Should Know


    The basic commands are essential to the education of dogs, especially puppies, to start on a good foundation. The younger he is, the easier it is to teach him commands. Your dog needs a leader who will guide him to adopt the proper behavior. With love, patience, understanding, and forgiveness, you can create […]

Does Enrichment Affect Dog Longevity?


    Enrichment is essential for the dog to be mentally and physiologically balanced. Captive and domestic animals require several types of enrichment to support their well-being. Have you ever wondered why dogs that live in houses have more behavioral problems than those that live free? This is because the free-living ones are constantly on […]

Returning a Shelter Pet: Expectations and Stress

shelter pet

    Adopting a shelter pet is considered to be the most ethical method of obtaining an animal. Moreover, most adopters are satisfied to be new pet parents of a shelter animal. On the other hand, it sometimes happens that the pet is returned. This can decrease the chances of future adoption for both the […]

Dog Punishment : The Best Technique

    Knowing how to punish your dog properly can be difficult. Don’t worry, he is not looking for revenge or rebellion. He only responds to his natural needs and has no conscience between good and evil. Most of the time we think that punishment is related to reprimanding your dog by saying “NO”, “Stop!” […]

How Dogs Learn


    It is inevitable for animals to learn. Whether young, old, small, or large, every dog can learn. They can be trained for many tasks and athletic skills. We’ve even taught dolphins to jump through hoops, pigs to play video games, and gorillas to learn sign language. Modern dog training methods are based on […]

The Origins of Dogs and Their Evolution

les origines

The origins of dogs are a rather complex subject that includes several theories. It is important to know its origins to better understand our beautiful bond with them. It is also a very good way to learn more about genetic evolution. To this day, the domestication of the wolf is an area still questioned by […]

Dog Body Language: 13 Crucial Notions

langage corporel d'un chien

Knowing dog body language is essential to building a bond with your canine companion. It can also help to keep you and your dog safe. What’s great about dogs is that they’re never going to lie about their feelings. Furthermore, they will try to communicate to you how they feel. As an owner, it is […]

Pet Laser Pointers : Dangerous Idea!

    Are Laser Pointers Dangerous For Dogs?   Pet laser pointers are popular with many pet owners. Most of them think they are doing the right thing by entertaining their animal and depleting their excess energy. On the other hand, this game can have serious consequences for the mental health of your animals. The […]

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